Claim Form

To apply for a refund or credit as part of this Settlement, please download and submit a Claim Form.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you have recently received an updated Billing Summary Statement please read the following information. As part of AT&T’s review of its records and your request, AT&T identified some discrepancies in the data provided in the Billing Summary statement you were previously sent and it was determined that your Billing Summary needs to be updated to reflect the correct Third-Party Charges and/or credits for the account(s) for which the Billing Summary was requested. The updated Billing Summary statement contains additional Third-Party Charges that were not listed on the Billing Summary previously sent to you. The updated summary is provided to you to allow you to determine if you were billed for unauthorized Third-Party Charges, and, if so, to submit a claim seeking a full refund of those charges under the Settlement. If the new listed charges were not authorized by you, you must place an “X” in the box next to the row that contains that charge. If some, but not all, of that company’s charges were unauthorized, then you must total all the charges you have indicated were not authorized and be sure to include that total on your Claim Form. Once you have gone through the updated Summary and identified all unauthorized charges, you must then file a new Claim Form in order to obtain a refund of unauthorized charges. Every Claim Form must attach either a marked Billing Summary or copies of your AT&T landline bills or other documentation with the unauthorized charges indicated on it. You must file your Claim Form no later than 45 days after receiving your Billing Summary. Claim Forms may be submitted by email at or mailed to the Settlement Administrator at Nwabueze v. AT&T Inc., P.O. Box 35045, Seattle, WA 98124.